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Long-term care legislative updates

Stay informed about the latest developments in each state

The growing challenge of long-term care (LTC) has led several states to consider legislation to address the issue. For carriers and benefit brokers, it's important to understand what's on the table so that we can better support employers and employees in those states. Trustmark is closely monitoring these developments and will provide updates on any relevant long-term care legislation.

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Stay informed about the latest developments in each state

What's driving legislative action?

Due to demographic changes, the need for long-term care and caregiving services is on the rise. At the same time, growing costs make access to care increasingly difficult. This puts many at financial risk on a personal level, and it's a risk for states as well - when people are unable to afford care, they often rely on state-funded programs for support. State legislatures are considering action to protect their residents and to control the costs of state programs that offer support for care. For a more comprehensive look at the situation, please reference our new white paper: A complete guide to today's care crisis.

Regardless of whether or not a state takes legislative action, the conversation underlines the challenge we face when it comes to care. You can start protecting employees today with life insurance that includes benefits for care:
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State legislative updates

Please note that we have only included updates on states that have introduced legislation. Others have begun exploring long-term care legislation, but until a bill is formally introduced, they will not be included.

Below is a brief update on activities from those states that are most engaged on this issue. It should be noted that proposed legislation typically sees many changes along the way after it is introduced and often takes years before it is passed as law, so it should not be assumed that any proposed legislation will be passed without modifications.