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Trustmark Life + Care: Take charge of tomorrow

Trustmark’s NEW permanent term life solution

Amidst a rising need for care, the future can seem uncertain. Now, it no longer has to.

Trustmark Life + Care is a new permanent term life insurance product designed to let you take charge of tomorrow. Easy to administer and offering flexible care benefits that can cover family caregiving – we listened to customers to design a solution with the innovation, flexibility and simplicity you asked for.

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Trustmark&rsquo;s <strong>NEW</strong> permanent term life solution

Value that adds up: Life + Care...


An easy-to-administer solution with no more barriers to care.

  • Built to be compatible with the ben admin system you want to use
  • No long-term care licensing required
  • Term life insurance is simple and straightforward for employees to understand

Certainty for you, your clients, and employees.

  • Guaranteed issue
  • Guaranteed benefits
  • Guaranteed premiums
  • Portable coverage

Flexibility to choose who provides care, for how long and how benefits are received.

  • Benefits available for both family and professional caregiving, with the ability to switch between the two


Options for valuable coverage where employees need it most.

  • Death benefit reduction – Reduces at age 70 to fit employee needs and control costs
  • Death benefit restoration – Restores the benefit that is reduced to pay for care
  • Extension of benefits – Doubles the care benefits

Everyone could use a little TLC - reach out today to start offering a life + care solution.

Looking to purchase permanent term life insurance coverage for yourself or a family member? Get started here to let your employer know you're interested - Trustmark voluntary benefits are only available through work.