Your long-term care legislation playbook

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Your long-term care legislation playbook

Take the next step to prepare for long-term care legislation

In 2021, Washington became the first state to adopt long-term care legislation with the WA Cares Act. As other states consider legislation, many insurance industry professionals are closely monitoring the activity to see what other states may follow suit.

With all the focus on developing legislation, you may be missing the biggest question of all: How will you support your clients if a state DOES pass legislation?

Trustmark has you covered.

Get the Playbook

As the industry leader when Washington passed their legislation, we’ve packaged our formula for success to offer everything you need to manage the long-term care legislation issue. Here's how you can tackle the challenge with your clients today AND tomorrow:

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Your strategy:

Our playbook provides a step-by-step guide for how, when and what to communicate to employers surrounding long-term care legislation.
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Your toolkit:

To support that communication strategy, you can get access to a range of pre-scripted, personalized materials you can share with employers.

Don’t have a plan drawn up? We do - and you can too. Get your long-term care legislation playbook and register for the toolkit: