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Self-Funded Plan Designs

We offer a suite of self-funded health benefit plan designs nationwide for small to mid-size businesses with five or more employees. Additionally, we offer simplified underwriting for qualified groups. We can serve multiple locations and can accommodate up to four plans for each employer.

Our self-funded plan designs offer options to meet employers’ needs and budget.
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Minimum employee enrollment

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Surplus options for self-funded plan designs include:

  • 1/2 Administrative Fee Credit Surplus
  • 2/3 Administrative Fee Credit Surplus
  • 2/3 Administrative Fee Credit, 2/3 Cash Surplus
  • Cash Surplus
  • Traditional Cash Surplus

Refer to the Self-Funded Product Availability by State flyer for a list of states where self-funded plan designs are available to non-ERISA groups, and exceptions that may apply.

Availability varies by state. Ask your broker for more details.