Small Business Benefits

Non-Major Medical Plan Designs

Affordable Options

We offer self-funded alternatives to comprehensive major medical benefits, allowing employers to provide affordable healthcare coverage to their employees for a lower monthly cost.

Limited Medical Benefit Plan Design

The Trustmark Limited PlusSM plan design covers limited medical expenses only. It offers freedom of provider choice for covered healthcare services. To help control costs, it reimburses providers based on a Reasonable Fee, which is typically calculated at a multiple of the Medicare reimbursement rate. Benefits are limited to the coverage described in the Plan Document and Schedule of Benefits. Exclusions and limitations apply.

Preventive-Only Health Benefit Plan Designs

Trustmark Preventive PlusSM health benefit plan designs provide affordable preventive-only healthcare benefits to help employees stay healthy. First-dollar benefits for covered in-network preventive care services are offered, and provider discounts for covered in-network services are available exclusively through PHCS.

Product Availability

We offer a suite of self-funded health benefit plan designs nationwide for small to mid-size businesses with five or more employees. We can serve multiple locations and can accommodate up to four plans for each employer.

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