Small Business Benefits


More control over healthcare benefits

With our self-funded health benefit plan designs, employers get better control over their health benefits, the flexibility to tailor a self-funded plan design to their specific needs, and the opportunity to receive a refund if a group’s claims are lower than funded.

Self-Funded Solutions with Level Funding

Our self-funded solutions provide employers with predictable monthly payments for better budgeting and peace of mind. Plus, level funding may be a lower-cost alternative to fully insured plans, with similar benefits!


Important things to remember

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Covered claims are paid out of the claim pre-fund account set up by an employer.

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Potential refund

If claims are less than what an employer funded, the employer may receive the surplus either as an administrative fee credit or cash*.
*Not all surplus options have a cash option.

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Minimize risk

Stop-loss insurance coverage from Trustmark Life Insurance Company gives employers peace of mind and pays if covered claims are more than what was funded by an employer.