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Life insurance with care benefits

Solving for life insurance and care needs

Trustmark offers a range of options to let you provide life insurance with affordable care protection.

  • As options for long-term care insurance shrink, today’s employees need a solution to protect themselves for the likelihood that they’ll need care
  • Even if care benefits on our products aren’t used, employees have life insurance coverage, which means they’re sure to see value from their policy
  • With three unique plans, you’re sure to find a solution that works for you.
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Three Unique Solutions

Trustmark Life + Care™

Take charge of tomorrow. Trustmark Life + Care is an easy to administer life and care solution that provides the flexibility today’s policyholders need:

  • Options for both professional and family care benefits; policyholders can move freely between the two
  • Guaranteed issue, guaranteed premiums and guaranteed benefits provide an added measure of stability
  • A range of optional features including Death Benefit Restoration and Extension of Care Benefits
    • Death Benefit Restoration – Maintains the death benefit if it’s used to pay for care
    • Extension of Care Benefits – Doubles the amount of available care benefits

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Trustmark Universal LifeEvents®

Employees needs for financial protection change throughout life and Trustmark Universal LifeEvents adjusts to meet those needs. With the added value of long-term care benefits, it’s a way to affordably address employee needs at any stage of life:

  • Pays a higher death benefit during working years when the need is highest
  • At age 70*, the death benefit reduces to 1/3 of its original value while care benefits remain level
  • Employees can double or even triple the value of their policy if offered Death Benefit Restoration or Extension of Benefits

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*Or at the beginning of the 15th policy year, whichever occurs last

Trustmark Universal Life

Universal Life provides flexible benefits, allowing employees to adjust their death benefit, cash value and premiums as their financial needs change. It does even more than pay a death benefit to beneficiaries — it offers Living Benefits insureds can use during their lifetime

  • Long-term care benefits advance 4% of the death benefit for covered long-term care services
  • Guaranteed issue, level premiums and full portability

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Maximize value with Benefit Restoration and Extension

Employees can double and even triple the value of their policy with the optional Benefit Restoration and Extension of Benefits features. Benefit Restoration restores the death benefit used to pay for care and Extension of Benefits doubles the duration of a policyholder’s care payments.

*Availability may vary by state.

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Life insurance – benefits beyond benefits

Offering voluntary benefits goes beyond the insurance coverage, it’s about creating a better workplace. Voluntary benefits can help:
  • Employers recruit and retain top talent
  • Open the door to employee engagement through voluntary enrollment
  • Control employer costs with employee-paid benefits
  • Help drive employer programs like wellness, 401(k) participation and more
  • Create a more engaged, more productive and more financially secure workforce
  • Connect employers with benefit technology solutions
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Reach out to find the right life and care solution and provide much-needed protection to employees.

Looking to purchase coverage for yourself or a family member? Get started here to let your employer know you're interested - Trustmark voluntary benefits are only available through work.