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Trustmark Critical HealthEvents® – Critical Illness insurance

A lifetime of benefits to protect employees

Available on both a group and individual basis, Trustmark Critical HealthEvents® is critical illness insurance that says “yes” more. 

  • It focuses on the three most common conditions; cancer, heart attack and stroke while including protection for early-stage diagnosis and early identification.
  • And, because it pays from an annually replenishing benefit, it means no separation periods and no recurrence limitations — a lifetime of benefits.
Employee laughs with his daughter knowing Trustmark Critical HealthEvents which protects his finances from the healthcare costs of a critical illness

Critical Illness coverage unlike any other

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Critical HealthEvents offers focused protection on the most common conditions:
  • Heart attack
  • Cancer
  • Stroke
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Illnesses can progress through many stages, which is why policyholders need protection at every step along the way:

  • Benefits for early identification
  • Benefits for early diagnosis
  • Options for wellness benefits
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Critical HealthEvents offers features that make it easier for policyholders to get access to their benefits:
  • A renewing annual benefit
  • No more separation periods
  • No more restrictions on reoccurring conditions

Brokers – Reach out and see how Critical HealthEvents can provide a lifetime of benefits for your clients:

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Expanding coverage – mental health and more

While protection focuses on cancer, heart attack and stroke, you can give employees access to expanded options for coverage including:
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A broadened list of illnesses for comprehensive coverage

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Mental health benefits to address a growing challenge for employees*

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Coverage for viruses and pandemics, including COVID-19*

Critical Illness insurance – benefits beyond benefits

Offering voluntary benefits like Critical HealthEvents goes beyond the insurance coverage, it’s about creating a better workplace. Voluntary benefits can help:

  • Employers recruit and retain top talent
  • Open the door to employee engagement through voluntary enrollment
  • Control employer costs with employee-paid benefits
  • Help drive employer programs like wellness, 401(k) participation and more
  • Create a more engaged, more productive and more financially secure workforce
  • Connect employers with benefit technology solutions

Reach out to offer critical illness coverage where it counts.

Looking to purchase coverage for yourself or a family member? Get started here to let your employer know you're interested - Trustmark voluntary benefits are only available through work.