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Trustmark Accident insurance

Offer the protection employees need

Available on both a group and individual basis, Trustmark Accident insurance protects employees against life’s bumps and bruises.

  • With options for wellness and unique features that make both our group and individual products a valuable addition to your benefit offering.
  • Trustmark’s accident insurance is the perfect solution to fill gaps in coverage and help employers manage healthcare costs.
Young girl isn't afraid of bumps and bruises with Trustmark accident insurance

Two great products, two great ways to protect

Both our individual and group products tell a unique story of protection for employees. We offer protection for the treatments and injuries you’re used to seeing, but with a unique twist on each product:
Young soccer players can play sports knowing they are protected in case of an accident or injury

Accident insurance – Group

A modern take on a classic product

  • Expanded follow-up care benefits including support for acupuncture and chiropractic treatment
  • More benefits for initial care including telemedicine and walk-in clinics
  • Robust x-ray and imaging benefits
Male employee smiles because Trustmark's accident insurance offered by his employer has him covered if he is injured

Accident insurance – Individual

Focused protection where employees need it most

  • Pays higher benefits for the 13 most common accidents and hospital services
  • These injuries and services make up 97% of Trustmark accident claims

Brokers – find the best accident protection for your clients:

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Accident insurance, and wellness too

Our accident insurance can include wellness benefits employees can use to get paid for routine wellness events:
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Screening tests

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Routine physicals

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Accident insurance – benefits beyond benefits

Offering voluntary benefits like Trustmark Accident insurance goes beyond insurance coverage, it’s about creating a better workplace. Voluntary benefits can help:
  • Employers recruit and retain top talent
  • Open the door to employee engagement through voluntary enrollment
  • Control employer costs with employee-paid benefits
  • Help drive employer programs like wellness, 401(k) participation and more
  • Create a more engaged, more productive and more financially secure workforce
  • Connect employers with benefit technology solutions

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