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Rethink Employee Engagement

Learn six simple steps to take employees through engagement to action

Disengaged employees come at a cost – to their companies and themselves

  • Greater risk for chronic conditions that cost both the employee and the company
  • Lost productivity
  • Missed recruitment, retention, and growth opportunities

Fortunately, you, as brokers and employee benefit decision makers, can help.

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A recent Accenture report notes that more than half of U.S. consumers don't understand how to navigate the healthcare system

We’ve developed a roadmap, full of helpful tips for even the most experienced benefits professional, outlining how putting employees at the heart of a benefits plan can lead to:

  • Sustainable, healthier, and financially sound behaviors
  • Higher productivity and reduced stress and benefits costs
  • Improved employee wellbeing and employer bottom line

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Put employees at the heart of a benefits plan

It comes down to building a plan from the employee’s perspective – putting them at the heart of the benefits plan to:

  • Remove barriers
  • Provide timely, credible information
  • Spur healthy behaviors
  • Encourage ongoing participation in a seamless wellbeing journey

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employee benefits costs averaged nearly 30 percent of total compensation.

Optimizing the value of this investment requires putting employees at the heart of the benefits plan.

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69 percent of employees said lack of information was the biggest barrier to participation in their company’s health, wellbeing, and fitness program.

Learn why knowledge is power in overcoming participation barriers and putting employees at the heart of a benefits program.

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70 percent of benefits plan participants said the offering means their employer cares about them.

Learn how putting employees at the heart of everything you do pays dividends for both the employee and employer.

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Six simple steps to take your employees through engagement to action