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Big benefits for small businesses with 5 or more employees

Our self-funded health benefit solutions are affordable, flexible and tailored to meet employer needs. We offer strategies successfully used by large groups to control costs. We provide plan designs with and without PPO networks for freedom of provider choice. Plus, we combine affordable, self-funded coverage with exceptional, personal service for every client.

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Network Availability

We offer national PPO networks, such as Aetna Signature Administrators® (ASA) PPO Network and Cigna® PPO Network1, and regional networks.

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We offer a suite of self-funded health benefit plan designs nationwide for small to mid-size businesses with five or more employees. We can serve multiple locations and can accommodate up to four plans for each employer.

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Self-Funding With a PPO Network

Our suite of employer-sponsored, self-funded health benefit plan designs provides options for smaller employers seeking to  deliver healthcare benefits with cost control, flexibility and value. With self-funding, employers pay for covered claims incurred by members. Stop-loss insurance coverage is provided by Trustmark Life Insurance Company to help minimize risk and protect your business. 
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Self-Funding Without a PPO Network

To help small employers control costs, our self-funded health benefit plan designs without a PPO1 network typically use an approach in which provider reimbursement is based on a Reasonable Fee, which is typically calculated at a multiple of the Medicare reimbursement rate.
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