Published by Trustmark on April 8th, 2021

LAKE FOREST, ILL. – Phil Goss, Trustmark Chief Financial Officer, has been promoted to Executive Vice President. The announcement was made by CEO Kevin Slawin.

Goss joined Trustmark in 2008 as Vice President, Finance, with responsibility for the company’s Controller and Treasurer operations. He was named Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer in 2010.

The scope of Goss’s role has expanded steadily over recent years and now encompasses Finance, Audit, Tax, DI/LTC, the Enterprise Project Management Office, Corporate Actuarial and Facilities. In addition, he will be adding Vendor Management and Procurement. With this change, Goss will have broad responsibility for financial discipline and effective capital deployment across the enterprise.

Goss also be responsible for the financial aspects of future mergers, acquisitions and major partnerships, working in close collaboration with Senior Vice President Paul Lotharius. Goss said he is excited to take on the additional responsibility and is looking forward to his new role.

“It’s humbling to lead such talented teams and to work alongside people across the organization to ensure we have the financial insights necessary to make informed, smart business decisions,” said Goss. “I am optimistic about Trustmark’s future and our ability to invest in strategies that create the greatest long-term value for our customers and for the company.”