Published by HealthFitness on July 12th, 2019

Whether you currently have a corporate fitness facility or are looking to build one, many employers use corporate fitness solutions to engage employees in physical activity, attract and retain top talent, improve employee health and reduce workplace stress. Simply put, good health is good business.
Ready to give your employees the fitness center they deserve? Here’s how we provide the best corporate fitness solution that will get (and keep) your people moving.

Facility design consulting and strategy 
We begin the process by providing consulting and strategy services on all aspects of your fitness and recreation center. From facility design to equipment purchasing to recommending hours of operation, we leverage our experience and expertise to help your fitness and recreation center thrive.
Our facility design consulting services includes a three-step approach to developing the perfect facility for your company. Step 1, programming, analyzes the demographic of your worker base and the available size of your facility to maximize efficiency and convenience. Step two, schematic design and development, produces a data-driven floor plan, including the interior design and equipment selections. Step three, construction and program implementation, brings your fitness center into the real world.
HealthFitness professionals help oversee construction, providing input, participating in final walkthrough to ensure readiness, and initiating our pre-program implementation plan to make everything ready once your doors open.

Operational management
We'll staff your new fitness center with our accredited engagement professionals to manage its operation. Our professionals all have degrees in a health related field and are certified in CPR, first aid and AED. They maintain the facility, coach your employees, and act as the face of your new wellness culture. We provide all you need to ensure your participants are getting the most out of your wellness programming.

Fitness programming
The driving force behind our health and wellness solutions is our fitness programming. Instead of a one-size-fits-all solution, we use personalized assessment and consultation to build the exact programming your participants need, pushing your fitness programming to a whole new level.

Our experts are informed of employee development and company-wide trends to design class offerings and staff-delivered challenges that engage participants in fun, team-based events. Combined with our virtual fitness solutions and wide menu of special events, we provide the most comprehensive corporate fitness solution available for your employees.
Recreation programming
We supplement our personalized corporate fitness services with a huge catalog of recreation programs. Our experts will build an event calendar that includes a variety of special events that meet a broad set of interests. We offer low-structure open recreation events; beginner, immediate, and advanced sports leagues; seasonal tournaments; lessons and clinics from accredited coaches in sports like tennis and golf; and youth camps for your employees' families.
Leveraging our experience and expertise keeps your fitness center active and your employees engaged, prioritizing fun and teamwork to create an encouraging culture of health and wellness for your entire community. 
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