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Trustmark Paycheck Protect® – Disability insurance

Redefining disability insurance

Trustmark Paycheck Protect® insurance shifts the conversation from disability insurance to livability insurance.
  • Employees today tend to see themselves as active, vibrant and unlikely to become “disabled”.
  • Many don’t consider the possibility of finding themselves unable to work and missing out on a paycheck.
  • Paycheck Protect helps protect employees’ income so they can focus on getting back to work and doing what they love.
Female employee focuses on recovery from her disability to get back to work

Maximum flexibility to meet employer needs

When we asked employers what they wanted in a disability insurance product, the answer was “flexibility”. That’s why we designed Paycheck Protect with nearly all features offered as optional, allowing brokers and employers to build a policy that meets their needs – nothing more, nothing less.

Additional coverage options for employers to customize their plan

  • Mental illness benefits for employees unable to work due to a covered mental illness
  • Substance abuse benefits for employees unable to work due to receiving treatment from a licensed or certified substance abuse program
  • Partial Disability benefits encourages employees to partially return to work when they can
  • On-the-Job benefits helps supplement worker’s compensation payments for on-the-job injuries or sickness
Woman and her children appreciates her employer offering Trustmark Paycheck Protect as livability insurance

Brokers – see how we can customize Paycheck Protect for you:

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Innovative riders requested by employees

We wanted to understand what employees needed from their disability insurance. So we asked! Then we designed two exclusive riders for Paycheck Protect to help employers meet those needs.
Female employee taking advantage of Trustmark claim-free return to receive cash back

Claim-Free Return

Why: Employees wanted cash back if they didn’t use their benefits
How it works: Pays an automatic $100 check every two years an employee doesn’t submit a claim
Broker/Employer Benefit: Boosts policy retention and employee retention

Jump start pays employees a one-time $500 payment for each claim

Jump Start

Why: Employees wanted to receive their benefits quickly to stay afloat if they miss a paycheck
How it works: Pays a fast one-time $500 payment for each claim to help with expenses before the actual benefit begins
Broker/Employer Benefit: Increases employee satisfaction and peace-of-mind for higher productivity

Disability insurance – benefits beyond benefits

Offering voluntary benefits like Paycheck Protect goes beyond the insurance coverage; it’s about creating a better workplace. Voluntary benefits can help:
  • Employers recruit and retain top talent
  • Open the door to employee engagement  through enrollment
  • Help drive employer programs like wellness, 401(k) participation and more
  • Create a more engaged, more productive and more financially secure workforce
  • Connect employers with benefit technology solutions

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Looking to purchase coverage for yourself or a family member? Get started here to let your employer know you're interested - Trustmark voluntary benefits are only available through work.