Published by Trustmark Voluntary Benefits on August 1st, 2019

New technology provides benefits for employees, employers, technology companies and brokers by offering Trustmark products to any customer on any benefits administration system.

LAKE FOREST, IL – Trustmark Voluntary Benefits is pleased to introduce Trustmark SimplinkSM – a new enrollment technology solution that can change the way brokers offer benefit solutions. Simplink is an Embeddable Application Programming Interface (EAPI) that allows Trustmark Voluntary Benefits products to be offered on any case, regardless of the customer’s existing benefits administration system. 

“When it comes to technology, we recognize that simplicity and functionality aren’t just ‘nice to have,’ they’re essential,” said Dan Johnson, vice president, sales and marketing. “This is especially true during enrollment, where employees need a user-friendly experience. With technology playing such an important role in the way we work and live, we needed to change the way employers offer employees benefit solutions.”

Better experience for employees, employers and brokers
Simplink allows Trustmark Voluntary Benefits products to seamlessly integrate into any benefits administration system. This means a better experience for everyone involved in voluntary benefits enrollment.

Employees will be able to access the full complements of Trustmark Voluntary Benefits products and features with no restrictions. Simplink allows the employer and broker the flexibility to choose whatever HRIS/benefits administration technology that best meets their needs without being limited on what voluntary products can be offered. Technology companies implementing Simplink as part of their benefit administration system will see more business from brokers seeking an integrated system for their customers. And brokers can now offer their customers Trustmark Voluntary Benefits products on the system of their choice without sacrificing user experience.

Quick case set up
Once the implementation of Simplink is completed, there is minimal time and effort required to set up Simplink for all cases going forward. Trustmark will assist in the implementation of Simplink by providing a detailed Software Development Kit, a Trustmark resource to answer questions, and assist with testing to ensure a timely and accurate implementation. 

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