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Trustmark Accident Insurance

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Trustmark Accident insurance marketing pieces and presentations provide a brief description of benefits under A-607 and applicable riders WB-607, HS-12000R, and LCWP-5/01. This is an accident only policy with limited benefits and does not pay benefits for diseases, sickness, or for loss from sickness. This is not a workers’ compensation policy or a substitute for medical expense insurance, major medical insurance or a health benefit plan alternative. It is also not a Medicare Supplement policy. Please refer to your policy/group certificate and outline of coverage, if applicable, for complete information. Limitations on pre-existing conditions may apply. Benefits, definitions, exclusions, form numbers and limitations may vary by state. For costs and coverage detail, including exclusions, limitations and terms, see your agent or write the company. Underwriting conditions may vary, and determine eligibility for the offer of insurance.

Underwritten by Trustmark Insurance Company, Lake Forest, Illinois.

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Policy form A-607 and applicable riders HS-12000R and LCWP-5/01 KS:

No benefits will be payable for an Injury as the result of a Covered Accident that occurs:

  • During any involvement in any period of any type of armed conflict;
  • While riding in or driving any motor-driven vehicle in a race, stunt show or speed test;
  • While operating, learning to operate, serving as a crew member of or jumping or falling from any aircraft, including those which are not motor-driven. This does not include flying as a fare paying passenger in a scheduled or chartered flight operated by a commercial airline;
  • While engaging in hang-gliding, bungee jumping, parachuting, sail gliding, parasailing, parakiting or any similar activities;
  • While participating in or practicing for any semi-professional or professional competitive athletic contest in which any compensation is received;
  • While participating or attempting to participate in an illegal activity, whether or not You are charged with a crime;
  • While committing or attempting to commit suicide or injuring Yourself intentionally, whether You are sane or not.

No benefits will be payable for:

  • Sickness or infection including physical or mental condition which is not caused solely by or as a direct result of a Covered Accident;
  • A work related Injury or accident

Plan form LCWP-5/01 KS:


  • Loss of Work occurrences in any one year are limited to 3, and the total number of months We will waive in any one year, or for any single Loss of Work occurrence, is 6. For purposes of this limitation, a Strike is considered a single Loss of Work occurrence.
  • Benefits under this rider are not available before Your 18th birthday.
  • In no event will the benefit under this rider be retroactive for more than 6 months after We first receive proof of Your Loss of Work.


The waiver of the monthly premium will not be provided, if Your Loss of Work results from:

  • Your voluntary termination; or
  • Your retirement; or
  • Your employer terminating You for performance reasons, including performance deficiencies, attendance, or unacceptable behavior; or,
  • Your employer’s routine or regularly-scheduled or seasonal shutdowns or layoffs; or
  • Your voluntary forfeiture of salary, wages or employment income; or
  • Wildcat strikes or illegal walkouts.

Plan form HS-1200R:


This Rider provides benefits for only Health Screening Tests.