Notice to Members of Employer-sponsored Health Plans Administered by Star Marketing and Administration, Inc. (Trustmark Small Business Benefits)

RE: Change Healthcare cybersecurity incident, its impact on healthcare processes, and Trustmark Small Business Benefits’ response

What Happened? The Change Healthcare Cybersecurity Incident

Change Healthcare, which is part of UnitedHealth Group’s Optum Health subsidiary, serves as a clearinghouse for healthcare data, enabling billing for services between healthcare providers, including physicians, hospitals, and pharmacies, and insurers and benefit administrators. Change Healthcare is a vendor for many payers and health plan administrators, including Trustmark Small Business Benefits.

We have limited information, but, according to Change Healthcare, the company became aware of a cybersecurity threat in late February and “took immediate action to disconnect Change Healthcare’s systems to prevent further impact.”

The cybersecurity incident has not impacted internal Trustmark systems; however, Change Healthcare’s network shutdown has resulted in the disruption of numerous processes across the healthcare system, including provider claim submissions, eligibility verification, and filling of prescriptions.

What Does This Mean to Me?

We are aware of several potential issues and are working with Change Healthcare and others to resolve them as quickly as possible. First, the cyber incident has delayed the receipt of claims by Star Marketing and Administration, Inc., (referred to as Trustmark Small Business Benefits) to process and pay. We are working directly with Optum to set up a new, secure, data exchange network and begin processing claims as soon as we receive them.

Second, Change Healthcare enables providers to digitally verify benefit eligibility when a member seeks healthcare services. That system remains down. If you experience this during a visit to a physician, please ask your provider to call the eligibility verification number on the back of your ID card. Our customer service representatives are prepared to assist with these calls. As a reminder, you can access a digital ID card through the member portal.

Third, Trustmark Small Business Benefits offers Teladoc® telemedicine services. You can contact Teladoc at (800) 835-2362 to confirm coverage and schedule a visit. If Teladoc is unable to verify coverage, they may ask for a copay up front. Please ask for a receipt and submit your claim to the claim address on your ID card for reimbursement.

Lastly, we are not aware of any issues with members filling prescriptions through CVS Caremark.

While services may require manual workarounds in some instances, members should be able to continue to obtain care. We understand your concerns and greatly appreciate your patience as Change Healthcare manages this incident.

Has My Data Been Compromised?

Change Healthcare has not disclosed specific details of the cyber incident. We will follow up with more information when it becomes available. 

For More Information

You can go to Change Healthcare’s website,, for more information about the cybersecurity incident and Change Healthcare’s response.

We apologize for any inconvenience you may be experiencing. We are working diligently with Change Healthcare to resolve these issues. Thank you for your patience, and please reach out to customer service at (800) 522-1246 with any questions.