Small Business Benefits

Active&Fit Direct Fitness Program

Covered employees and their spouse or domestic partner 18 and older have access to the Active&Fit Direct™ program, which provides access to discounted gym memberships to more than 12,500 fitness centers nationwide and more than 10,000 online workout videos for your home.

The enrollment fee of $28 will be waived for employees who enroll in the standard gym membership until September, 30, 2024.
female running on treadmill in fitness center

Active&Fit Direct Gym Membership Options

  • Standard gym membership – access to 12,500 fitness centers nationwide, including Curves® fitness and 24 Hour Fitness, for $28 per month.*
  • Premium gym membership – a la carte access to higher-cost gym memberships and boutique studios for 20 percent to 70 percent off normal fees.*
Plus, with a membership, you gain access to a library of more than 10,000 online, on-demand guided workouts.

When you are on vacation or traveling for business, you may be able get free passes to a nearby gym, at no additional cost. No long-term gym membership contracts are required.
multi gender kettlebell class doing planks as part of their gym membership

Steps to Access Fitness Centers through Active&Fit Direct

  1. Register and log in at
  2. Access a link that takes you to the Active&Fit Direct website for registration.
  3. After registering with Active&Fit Direct, members can access the Active&Fit Direct website directly, using credentials created with Active&Fit Direct, and search for gyms in their area.
  4. To enroll in the standard gym membership, members use a credit card to pay a $28 enrollment fee plus $28 for each of the first two months. They then pay $28 for each month thereafter. Remember, however, the enrollment fee is waived until September 30, 2024. (Members can cancel at any time after the initial two-month period.)
  5. To enroll in a premium exercise studio, members will pay a $28 enrollment fee, plus the first two months of membership fees. Fees vary based on premium studio selected. They then pay the monthly fee for each month thereafter. (Members can cancel at any time after the initial two-month period.)
  6. At enrollment, members are issued a digital/printable card from Active&Fit Direct. When a member presents that card at a gym, the gym will issue a pass to the member.
The Active&Fit Direct program is provided by American Specialty Health Fitness, Inc., a subsidiary of American Specialty Health Incorporated (ASH).