Health Benefits

City of Broken Arrow

Responsive. Personal. Proactive.

Trustmark makes it a habit to exceed expectations.
Just ask Chelsea Snyder, benefits coordinator for the City of Broken Arrow, the largest suburb in Tulsa, OK.
 “With our previous [benefits partner], we would go a week, pushing two weeks to get a response,” she said. “Now, when I tell an employee I should have an answer by the end of the week, I’m calling them the next day with an answer. It gives me and the employee confidence that Trustmark gives such good feedback so quickly. And when they don’t know the answer right away, they research it more to get the correct answer for our employees. Trustmark’s turnaround on communications has helped in all aspects.”
This responsiveness and dedication is just part of the relationship she’s built with her account leads. “They make that personal connection, which is important,” she said. And when you have that personal connection, it’s easy to go the extra mile.
Recently, a local hospital elected to no longer participate in Broken Arrow’s health benefit plan PPO network. Trustmark worked proactively with Snyder and her team to assess the situation and mitigate its impact.
“Trustmark worked with us to figure out what percentage of employees will be disrupted,” Snyder said. “They’ve worked with the hospital and also suggested we send out communications to all levels of employees to communicate the change to our plan. They’re going the extra mile to make sure that it’s a smooth transition for everybody.”
And it’s not just her responsive and proactive Trustmark team that Snyder values; we make getting the data she needs as easy as a few clicks. “[Trustmark] also [has] an awesome online reporting system where I can easily log into our portal and find the report I need.”
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