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Predictable can be the best benefit

Through Trustmark Small Business Benefits® level-funded solutions, your small to mid-size clients can obtain affordable, self-funded health benefit plan designs, along with peace of mind and greater budget control. Self-funded plans are administered by Star Marketing and Administration, Inc., and stop-loss insurance is provided by Trustmark Life Insurance Company.

Advantages of level funding

  • Predictable monthly payment, regardless of claim activity, for greater budget control.
  • Incorporating premium for stop-loss insurance helps protect against the financial impact of a large number of covered claims, an individual catastrophic covered claim, or both.
  • Surplus options, which may result in an opportunity for a refund if covered claims are lower than expected.
  • Your clients can design a plan that meets the specific needs of their employees.
Advantages of our reference-based-pricing solution
  • Employers and employees can save with this approach.
  • Members have freedom of provider choice for most covered healthcare services.
  • We are rated #1 for several reference-based pricing attributes, including Overall Experience.1

Plus, with our simplified underwriting, groups with 51 to 99 enrolled employees can be issued and onboarded in as little as 5 business days.

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Small Business Benefits at a glance
Small Business Benefits at a glance. Read more