Published by HealthFitness on September 12th, 2019

What does it mean to be people-ready? Having HealthFitness staff on-site at your location gives wellness a face and a place.

Being people-ready means our employees are in your space, embedded within the culture, being part of what moves your company and employees. Our passionate experts work behind the scenes or front-and-center to keep health and fitness top of mind.

Our Integrated Analytics team conducted research on our own programs and resources and found that our people-ready services—those with HealthFitness personnel on location helping to administer high-touch health management and fitness programs—impacts employee health behaviors.

Our research showed that our clients with HealthFitness employees on-site had better healthy lifestyle outcomes in areas like nutrition, physical activity, stress and tobacco use.

With our people in place, we:
  • Serve as extended support for your HR/benefits administration team.
  • Become a part of your culture.
  • Address the unique participation drivers in your population.
  • Identify and act on the opportunities in your social and physical environment to support healthy behaviors
  • Work with the leadership and policies stakeholder to provide for consistency in your wellness approach.
  • Show up to work like everyone else.
  • Reach employees where they are.
Here are six ways we impact wellbeing programs with our people-ready services:

1. Gate crashing: At a large chemical manufacturing company, HealthFitness staff meets workers where they’re at—via “gate crashing." Our on-site staff greets employees at the plant’s gate during shift changes. During this face-to-face time, staff hands out program information, fruit and other incentives to promote current and upcoming wellness programs.

2. Boots on the ground: Wearing steel-toed boots and protective gear to join manufacturing employees in the field to provide support and build rapport.

3. Early morning screening: Working early hours (4:00 a.m.—to give manufacturing workers the opportunity to participate in a blood pressure screening without leaving the worksite)

4. CubeFit: A program which combines our on-site wellness experts with technology by offering energy breaks employees can do at their desks, regardless of where these desks are located. Classes, usually between 10-15 minutes and led by HealthFitness program managers, are streamed live via Lync and Skype during each workday.

5. Bring wellness outside of the cubicle. Our on-site team at a global manufacturing company uses web-based Skype sessions to reach employees in their living rooms, loading docks, and conference rooms. Employees—and their family members--can view health education sessions, take a yoga break, or do stretch band strength training at any time, thanks to the on-demand sessions.

6. Leverage lunch-and-learns: Our dedicated on-site staff use the educational tools and resources from HealthFitness to conduct Mind Your Health seminars and/or 10 to 15 minute What’s What meet-ups about health topics that cover wellbeing topics such as mindfulness, yoga and meditation, financial wellbeing and more.

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