Published by Trustmark Health Benefits on April 18th, 2018

Absenteeism and presenteeism are like twin anchors on employers, dragging down employee productivity and taking a chunk out of the bottom line. By some estimates, absenteeism costs employers over $225 billion each year[1], while the cost of presenteeism has been pegged at around $250 per year per employee[2]. In a pair of recent articles, our VP of Marketing and Product Strategy, Steve Horvath, points out several ways employers can use employee benefits to help inoculate businesses against these two threats and help to lessen the losses.
Horvath shared his expertise last month with readers at Benefits News and Benefits Pro, where he broke down the causes of these problems and the tools Trustmark can provide to businesses to help ensure employees show up each day ready to play.
In his piece for Benefits Pro, Horvath shares three specific ways employers can fight presenteeism, specifically, and explains what exactly presenteeism is. The strategies Horvath shares are all targeted at promoting “whole health” for employees, recognizing that physical, financial, and emotional health are the key pillars to maintaining a healthy, effective workforce. Read more…
Writing for Benefits News, Horvath also takes on absenteeism, in addition to presenteeism, and looks closely at the underlying causes. As with presenteeism, absenteeism is largely driven by the erosion of financial, physical, and mental health. One of the biggest causes of absenteeism is chronic depression, which Horvath calls out as also being one of the most easily treatable illnesses facing employees, according to the American Psychiatric Association. Again, benefits can be used by employers to bolster the health of their people. Read more…
At Trustmark, we understand the role benefits play in the lives of members, and also how important they are to the health of the company. We offer customized, modern tools for employees and employers like telemedicine, PayActiv, cost and quality transparency tools and more to help save money and improve outcomes for everyone. Contact us to learn more about how they can work for you.
[1] CDC Foundation. (2015). Worker Illness And Injury Costs U.S. Employers $225.8 Billion Annually.
[2] Goetzel, R.Z., Long, S.R., Ozminkowski, R.J., Hawkins, K., Wang, S.S., & Lynch, W.D. (2004). Health, absence, disability, and presenteeism cost estimates of certain physical and mental health conditions affecting U.S. employers. Journal of occupational and environmental medicine, 46 4, 398-412.