Medical Guidance

Digital technology, personal touch

Improving utilization means making healthcare more accessible in more ways, whether it's over the phone or the internet.

Significant Savings, Powerful Support with Included Health

Our navigation .and advocacy solution, powered by Included Health, dramatically reduces spend for employers and members alike, significantly improves member health outcomes, and gives members a powerful advocate when they need it most.

Members get:

  • Live support from a personalized care team
  • Insights into the cost of care
  • Guidance from world-class healthcare experts
  • Provider matching support
  • Routing to existing benefits that can help
  • Convenient treatment through 24/7 telemedicine

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Clinical Guidance with MyNurse 24/7

The URAC-accredited MyNurse 24/7 is a member’s first resource for immediate clinical guidance on everyday health issues. In addition to helping members avoid unnecessary and costly trips to the doctor or ER, MyNurse’s registered nurses may identify emerging conditions before they become more serious.

The nurses can engage members in nearly 150 languages over the telephone and through live chat to help improve their health, provide health information, and assist members in their healthcare decision-making processes based on recognized clinical guidelines and national standards of care.


With just a few taps, telemedicine provides members with 24/7 on-demand digital medical doctor visits for common conditions like:
  • Sinusitis
  • Upper respiratory infections
  • Bronchitis
  • Urinary tract infections
  • And more
When a board-certified physician is just a phone call away and an expensive, stressful trip to the ER is the alternative, telemedicine is really a no-brainer.

Consumer Advocacy with Connect

Our Connect program includes access to a benefit specialist and a registered nurse advocate to help relieve the stress of complicated benefit and clinical issues. Connect offers members:

  • Clinical guidance and advocacy
  • ​Cost-effective utilization guidance
  • Benefit program optimization support

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