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Hays Companies


How much does Drew Butler, VP at Hays Companies, trust Trustmark?
“That’s an easy question,” he said. “One-hundred percent.”
Butler worked closely with Trustmark when he was based in Kansas City. When he moved to Seattle and had a client looking for an expert in self-funding – he knew exactly whom to call.
“I’ve always had great relationships with Cheryl Dulaney (client manager) and the folks at Trustmark,” he said. “I have so much confidence working with Trustmark. They make my job easier.”
Butler appreciates Trustmark’s solutions oriented and client-centric approach.
“I can’t remember a time when Trustmark couldn’t find a solution or a way to meet my client’s needs,” he said. “When there’s an issue, it’s about how fast you can resolve it and can you resolve it the first time. Solving problems becomes very easy with Trustmark. When I run into something I’m not familiar with, I call Trustmark and can get the information I need right away.”
Butler considers Trustmark to be a strategic and consultative partner.
“They are really strong in helping analyze data and making sure we’re maximizing and managing the plan,” he said. “You don’t have that with other administrative partners. They don’t have the expertise or the data to help you on the analysis side. Trustmark helps me make the best decisions to guide my client.”

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