Cost Controls

Keeping Healthcare Spending Down

For people who know the industry as well as our team does, there are many ways to keep costs down for clients. And we use them all to control spending.

Reference-Based Pricing

What if hospital and provider pricing plans were clear, linked to actual costs, and easy to understand? Our reference-based pricing tools make that dream a reality. Watch our reference-based pricing video to learn more. 

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Out-of-Network Discounts and Fee Negotiations

Modern healthcare doesn’t have to fit into a network to be affordable. We offer many ways for individuals to save on visits to out-of-network providers through a multi-tiered hierarchy of programs designed to reduce costs whenever possible.

Network Access and Alternatives

With access to dozens of national, carrier-based, and regional networks, we can connect individuals with quality providers and deep discounts on healthcare services. We examine an employer’s population to find the right network or combination of networks for their people so they get the best possible discount.