Cost and quality tools

Empowering members

Providing members with powerful healthcare tools, and the know-how to use them, can turn individuals into informed healthcare consumers and lead to better outcomes for our clients and their members.

Consumer Advocacy with Connect

Our Connect program includes access to a benefit specialist and a registered nurse advocate to help relieve the stress of complicated benefit and clinical issues. Connect offers members:
  • Clinical guidance and advocacy
  • Cost-effective utilization guidance
  • Benefit program optimization support

Cost & Quality Transparency

We believe in equipping members with the tools they need to become smart, savvy healthcare
consumers who make cost-effective decisions about their healthcare. Our cost and quality transparency
solution allows members to quickly and easily compare quality scores for healthcare facilities and find the
fair price for a particular procedure or test. Members can then ask their doctor to refer them to a quality,
cost-effective facility that saves money without sacrificing care.

Connect with us for more on how our tools can build better healthcare consumers.