Health Benefits

Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas

Support During a Crucial Transition

When the Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas (CHC/SEK) wasn’t getting what they needed from their fully-insured health insurance plan, the organization’s leadership knew they needed to make a change.
“Each year, our costs would increase, and we weren’t receiving any data to manage our plan,” said Megan Fry, CHC/SEK’s Vice President of HR. “We’re a data-driven organization, and we wanted to better address our patient populations and be more informed with what was going on with claims.”
The solution? Working with Trustmark to move to a self-funded plan tailored to meet CHC/SEK’s specific needs. Transitioning from a fully-insured to a self-funded plan was a significant change for CHC/SEK , but Trustmark worked to make the transition as smooth and painless as possible; together we finished on-schedule and with high employee satisfaction.
Now Fry and her CHC/SEK team have crucial insight into their plan’s performance. “We’re now able to look at the data and reporting and analyze how we can help our employees be healthier and better utilizers of the plan,” Fry said. “We’re now able to make plan design changes that will be beneficial.”
From the start, Trustmark’s client-first attitude stood out to Fry, who works closely with her Trustmark team.
“[Trustmark’s team leader] is an absolute rock star from a claims standpoint,” Fry said. “I always know I can call her, and she can reach out to a hospital or a billing department and help us work through any issues we may be having. Trustmark really works to find a solution for the employee. I value their responsiveness and diligence in working with the member to get what they need.”
Fry also appreciates the compassionate and personal way Trustmark communicates with our clients and members. “When someone is going through a medical issue, healthcare can seem complicated and confusing,” Fry said. “Trustmark understands that, and their responses are very compassionate.”
Do you have a group frustrated by what their current administrator can’t give them? What about a group that wants more visibility to their plan data? Or a group that just wants a more responsive, personal touch?
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