Behavioral Management

Support Solution

Trustmark Health Benefit’s Support Solution program is an integrated behavioral management program powered by unique digital solutions designed to give members personal support.  

Our Support Solution starts with the classic Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and then adds robust recovery and outreach integration to make sure members continue to get the care they need with issues including:
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Grief and loss
  • Substance abuse
  • Anger management and stress
  • And much more

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Support Solution ROI Calculator

To calculate the financial offset of Support Solution’s EAP, simply fill in the three blanks below (number of employees, average hourly wage and the per employee per month price) and click 'Calculate'. Your organization's return on investment (ROI) ratio will be displayed.

Value of Support Solution

By managing mental health and substance abuse disorders through early identification and resolution-focused counseling, there is a measurable impact on both medical and human capital cost.

More than a Traditional EAP

Getting members the right in-the-moment support during the first visit and keeping them engaged throughout treatment and beyond is key for achieving high-quality care with optimal outcomes.

After a member indicates they need care, Support Solution care coordinators reach out to identify any barriers to engagement, assist the member in obtaining necessary resources, and support the member as he or she moves forward with any necessary behavioral changes. These resources include:

Convenient Counseling
3, 5, or 8 counseling session options (available via text, phone, and in-person)

Dedicated Support
Personal case management and review, with regular check-ins throughout the journey

Benefit Coordination and Follow-up Plan
Continuation of care plan created by case management team to help guide members

Immediate Access to Care

Every call, around-the-clock, is answered by a licensed and experienced mental health clinician.

Choice of Provider

In addition to clinical specialty and availability, members can select providers based on geographic, demographic, and cultural preferences.

Diagnostic Tools

Support Solution uses a variety of diagnostic tools (SBIRT, WOS, SPS-6, PHQ-9, AUDIT) to guide the clinical care path and measure health and productivity impact.

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