Personalized Maternity Management

Improve Outcomes, Reduce Costs

Trustmark Health Benefits’ maternity management solution—Special Delivery—educates and supports pregnant and adopting members while identifying and proactively managing high-risk pregnancies to reduce costs through improved outcomes.

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Parent-Centered Support

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One-on-one support

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No cost barrier to utilization

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Understand pregnancy risk factors

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Personalized, proactive outreach

Assessment to Support

The Special Delivery program pairs pregnant and adopting members with trained maternity nurses to proactively reach out to potential participants based on available data. Nurses first perform a key initial risk assessment and then offer ongoing support and education tailored member-by-member, based on risk factors.

Special Delivery nurses provide guidance and can answer all pregnancy and infant care-related questions about critical topics:
  • Potential pregnancy risk factors and how to minimize them
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Safe diet and exercise routines
  • Travel during pregnancy
  • Post-partum concerns and support
  • Childcare issues
  • Available community resources
  • And more

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