Navigation and Advocacy

Significant Savings, Powerful Support

Trustmark Navigation, powered by Included Health, dramatically reduces spend for employers and members alike, significantly improves member health outcomes, and gives members a powerful advocate when they need it most.

Delivering Measurable Results

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savings per high-quality provider referral1

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average annual savings per expert medical opinion2

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change to diagnosis and/or treatment plan2

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increase in members going to top quartile providers2

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member satisfaction2

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increase in member health literacy2

Complete Care and Clinical Expertise

Our navigation and advocacy solution for groups with 1,000+ lives combines clinical expertise with cutting-edge data science to help members find their way through a complex healthcare system. And it all starts with one member phone call.
Members get:
  • Live support from a personalized care team
  • Insights into the cost of care
  • Guidance from world-class healthcare experts
  • Provider matching support
  • Routing to existing benefits that can help
  • Convenient treatment through 24/7 telemedicine
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Whole-patient Care

Typically, members access care in silos like:
  • Primary care
  • Specialty care
  • Urgent care
These providers often don’t talk to each other or coordinate their care, so the member gets bounced around without a single source of truth or support.
With this solution, members get 360 degree whole-patient care: clinical expertise and guidance throughout the journey for both routine and complex care.

Watch Beth, a member who worked with Included Health, tell her story.

Media for Whole-patient Care

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