Medical Specialty Drug Management

Savings Driven by Analytics & Intelligence Tools

Our Medical Specialty Drug Management solution, powered by Archimedes, LLC, brings employers significant medical specialty drug savings by utilizing:
  • Smart Prior Authorization
  • Retrospective Drug Utilization Review
  • Site of Care Management

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Smart Prior Authorization Engine

Our solution uses a rules engine specially designed to handle specialty drugs for more comprehensive coverage criteria than traditional prior authorization programs.

Retrospective Drug Utilization Review

By leveraging an industry-leading analytics platform, our solution can identify, intervene, and resolve previously undetected specialty savings opportunities.

Site of Care

Using detailed claims data analysis to identify members who are ideal for voluntary site-of-care transition, our solution reaches out to members and prescribers to encourage them to use the most cost-effective, clinically appropriate setting. 

Powerful Reporting

Trustmark Health Benefits also provides a suite of client reports to assess performance and manage spend of specialty drugs:

Spend across benefits

Savings opportunities

Specialty trend, utilization, and cost over time

Disease state

Top specialty drugs

Specialty therapeutic prior authorizations

Top prescribers

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