The Value of Health Benefits

Better Trend, More Savings

During our 2021 Broker Summit, Joanne McGowan, Vice President, Consumer Experience & Strategy Execution, and Erin Fogarty, Senior Director & Actuary, and Regional Sale Director Matt Johnson shared key insights into our industry-leading trend, our data strategy, and more.

Watch the video to learn how our low trend delivers game-changing savings for our clients.

Trend Details and Beyond

Trustmark Health Benefits has a 3-year medical cost trend average that is 68% better than the rest of the industry*, translating to real savings for our clients.

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Additional Savings from Claims Processing

As a key part of our cost containment strategy, our expert claim analysts review high-cost claims to capture billing errors, waste and abuse, and to negotiate savings opportunities.

Where it makes sense to automate, we do. But we don’t believe all claims, especially high-dollar ones-should be set on autopilot. Our decades of industry experience have found that our 65% auto adjudication rate allows our tenured claims experts to capture waste and abuse across some of the following categories:
  • Subrogation review
  • Hospital auditing
  • Eligibility audits
  • Specialty drug management
  • Prior authorization
  • And more

In total, this expert claims-review brings an additional 15% claims processing savings, even before network discounts.

Key Service Results

Better 3-year Medical Trend Compared to Industry

Claims Processing Savings Before Discounts

Auto Adjudication Rate

Claim Analyst Review Rate

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