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Expedited Client Onboarding Model

Onboarding in Less Time – 30 days or less

Trustmark Health Benefits’ new Expedited Client Onboarding Model was born out of a single question we’ve heard from clients and brokers alike:
“Can you do better than the standard 45–90 days for onboarding?”
Yes, we can. With this new model, we can onboard clients in 30 days or less by providing standardized benefit designs while allowing flexible cost-sharing options and scalable, efficient plan designs.

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Benefits of the Expedited Client Onboarding Model

What’s Offered in the Model?

Medical Administration

Preferred Pharmacy Benefits Manager

Standard Document Design

Basic Group Setup

Administrative Services

Standard, But Flexible Benefits

HRA & FSA Administration

COBRA Administration

Add-ons and Bundles

In addition to the main pillars of the model shown below, clients can also add any number of additional solutions, including:
  • Stop-loss insurance
  • Maternity management
  • Telemedicine
  • Cost and quality transparency tools
  • Oncology management
  • Population health management
  • Behavioral health solutions
  • Enhanced advocacy
  • Consumer spending tools

However, for the best value and incentives, clients can choose from one of three add-on bundles to meet their population’s needs:

Which Clients Are a Good Fit for the Model?

Not every group is the right fit for our Expedited Client Onboarding Model, but many are. This model is an excellent fit for clients who:
  • Want a plug-n-play benefit plan design
  • Transitioning from a fully insured plan
  • Need to make an administrator change quickly
  • Make quick, agile decisions
  • Offer simplified plan designs
  • Have employees that can access technology
  • Any size; ideal target is under 300 employee lives

The Results

Take a look at the results of some of our early adopting clients.

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