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Simplified Underwriting

Simplified Underwriting for Groups with 51-99 Enrolled Employees

With our simplified underwriting, groups with 51 to 99 enrolled employees can be issued and onboarded in as little as five business days!

What’s Needed for an Initial Underwriting Rate?

51-99 enrolled employees

Member/Dependent-level census*
Simplified Underwriting Risk Review Form

 *Census information must be complete and accurate.

Prior carrier billing statement

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Simplified underwriting

Express Connect® paperless enrollment

Experience additional time-saving processes with our convenient Express Connect® paperless enrollment via online or telephone.

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Our Products

Plan Design Overview

Our portfolio of employer-sponsored, self-funded health benefit solutions offer comprehensive major medical plan designs, a limited medical plan design and preventive-only coverage. Learn more.

Major Medical Benefit Plan Designs 

We provide flexible plan designs with and without PPO networks to meet the needs of each client, all the while closely watching the budget as if it were our own. Learn more.

Non-Major Medical Benefit Plan Designs

Our limited medical benefit and preventive-only plan designs are affordable options for employers seeking an alternative to a major medical plan design. Learn more.

Anciallary Coverage

Offer a complete benefits package with ancillary coverage to complement your group medical plan design. Learn more.

Network Availability

We offer national PPO networks, such as Aetna Signature Administrators® (ASA) PPO Network and Cigna® PPO Network1, and regional networks.

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Product Availability

We offer a suite of self-funded health benefit plan designs nationwide for small to mid-size businesses with five or more employees. Additionally, we offer simplified underwriting for groups with 51 to 99 enrolled employees. We can serve multiple locations and can accommodate up to four plans for each employer.

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